Sunday, February 21, 2010

Little Needles & Big Fish!

The 18th was a fabulous day! My dad took me steelhead fishing and I started my Lupron injections. We headed to the North Umpqua at 6am to begin our fishing adventure. I needed to take my injections at 8am so I had to take them with me and administer them on the drift boat. It was a day that I was thankful to be a nurse. Since giving shots (yes, even to myself) are not a big deal for me it went very smoothly. I was even able to do it with out my dad or the fishing guide even noticing. My poor dad really doesn't like needles so I consciously did it so that he didn't have to watch.
The first shot gave me a bad head ache and ringing in my ears, but it really wasn't to bad. Day two seemed to be a different story. I got a huge red, hot, burning,baseball size bump and rash at my injection site. I also felt as if I had the flu. It resolved by evening time. We were a little concerned that I was going to start having reactions to the injections. Thankfully day three went perfect! Not a single bump or rash and I actually felt great all day! Hopefully day two was just a fluke!
We leave a week from today! Can't hardly believe it is coming so fast. We have all our reservations and just need to start packing! It will be Sunday before we know it! Yikes!

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