Monday, January 25, 2010

Surrogates & Swimmers

The past two weeks we have been going crazy getting every thing together for this journey. I feel like I eat, sleep and dream India. The Labs I have drawn today will complete all of our medical requirements. We feel very fortunate to have Dr Schalau's support. She has aided us immensely in getting all of these requirements done!
I am back to working in her office again a couple days a week. Bubba and I have both picked up extra jobs to help off set the cost. We have also sold our Honda.
All of our labs have came back great with the exception of Bubba's semen analysis! As it turns out Bubba has "very poor fertility", go figure. We never had any trouble getting pregnant in the past, so this came much to our surprise. Lucky with IVF he should be "fertile enough". I'm just imagining that the few swimmers he does have look like the group in the picture! I've seen the Subway commercials.......Michael Phelps can swim through any thing you know!

Yesterday we picked out our surrogate! Our agency sent us the profiles of Eight available women. We are given pictures, labs, and a questioner that they completed to aid in our selection. We decided that we needed to make the decision solely on who was more medically fit. All of the women are in perfect health and have no History of problem pregnancy's. I called Dr Schalau and read her all the profiles and we let her make the decision. Even though this baby will have no genetic link to the surrogate, it is hard not to lean towards the more beautiful and kinder appearing surrogates. We Picked one and an alternate. We are now just waiting to get started cycling with the surrogate. We should get our dates any time!

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  1. Nicole and Bubba,
    Rick and I really hope this is successful for you. We will definitely be keeping up with your progress. What an amazing era we live in that through improvements in medical science and world travel this is even possible! Our very best wishes to you! Love, Lisa