Tuesday, May 18, 2010


They say "If you want to see God laugh, just tell him your plans". The lovely cyst grew to an impressive 11.2cm. It has been slow to resolve and rather painful at times. I definitely think I am on the mend and will be happy when I can put this behind us. It seems as if cycling again is not an option for us. The fertility Doc thinks that the another attempt will only result in a larger and more dangerous cyst. As disappointing as this is, we are actually accustomed to this kind of news. Our journey to complete our family has not came easy.
At this point we seem to be at a crossroad. We are currently drifting down a path we never thought we would be. I guess we will see where it leads. When we are closer to knowing our destination we will be happy to fill everyone in!


  1. Wow, that is an impressively large cyst. Can it not be drained? I guess not. It's good you're taking this in your stride. Keep us up to date with your plans.

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